Time to Live

a mission-driven cardano stake pool @TTLStakePool

Why stake with us?

Earn interest. By delegating your cryptocurrencies to a validating node via the staking mechanism, you are rewarded directly by the protocol for your participation in the network.

  • Reliable server
    As a stake pool operator reliable and robust server infrastructure is key to our delegators. Thats why our Servers are hosted on a fully redundant independently platform across multiple data centers each with its own high bandwidth, low-latency Internet connection.
  • Secure
    When you stake your ADAs with us, you do not communicate your private key at any time, which allows you to keep the ownership of your ADAs at any given time. You contribute to the security and decentralization of the Blockchain network as well. The higher the percentage of staked assets in the network, the more difficult it is to attack it.
  • Support decentralization
    By staking with a member of the Single Pool Alliance as well as the xSPO Alliance you support True Decentralization for the Cardano blockchain.
  • Mission-driven
    As a Mission-driven Stake Pool we donate at least 40% of our pool rewards to ocean conservation projects. As passionate scuba-divers its very important for us to protect our ocean, the largest ecosystem on Earth, which is the planets life support system.
  • Earn extra rewards
    Stake with TTL and claim 2 Billion $WOLF tokens extra after every epoch via dripdropz.io.

    Learn how to get your $WOLFs here.

You receive your staking rewards every 5 days, once an Epoch ends.

what are mission-driven stake pools?

Mission-driven stake pools commit to donating a portion of their block rewards to charitable causes - either through ada directly where it's accepted, or fiat currency, in addition to helping validate transactions on the Cardano network in the same way as other stake pools.
Not only do mission-driven stake pools validate network transactions and generate rewards to pass on to charitable organizations, but delegators themselves also receive staking rewards as normal. This represents a new and innovative way to tangibly support charities while also building your ada balance - with no upfront donation costs if you can't spare your funds. The rewards generated from a mission-driven pool are similar to those generated by purely for-profit stake pools, which means delegators can drive social good while also meeting their personal crypto goals.

Who is behind TTL?

Hello, I am Arved - (Single) Stake Pool Operator of TTL. I am a very passionate IT person, scuba diving instructor and crypto lover. Since my childhood I am very interested in IT. In 2013 I left my job as an IT system engineer and became a scuba diving instructor. The COVID-19 pandemic forced me to go back home to germany and started working full-time as an IT system engineer, again. Thats when I started to dig deeper into crypto-projects and increased my knowledge in blockchain technologies and investments. After some intense testing it was clear for me to setup a cardano staking pool. It helps to combine my two passions and give something back. That`s why every month we donate at least 40% of our pool rewards to ocean conservation projects. Let us start to save the ocean together.

TTL Stake Pool Stats

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Founded in May 2021, xSPO Alliance has built a vibrant, diverse community of stake pool operators who work together in an attempt to better the Cardano ecosystem every day and to help smaller stake pools to grow while working together.

$WOLF is the #1 Cardano Metaverse MEME with a great future. Our goal is to create a big and active community of #mememillionaires. The wolf pack has its own WOLF SALOON, an exclusive WOLF YACHT CLUB and is developing a WOLF P2E CARD GAME.

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. It combines pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies.